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3 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. I am interested in Reuben Crosby who left Harwich for Dutchess Co NY – he had a daughter Desire who m. John Penn(e)y in 1780 at Southeast, Dutchess, NY

    I wonder if by chance you may have done any work on the Penn(e)y families — the above John Penn(e)y was supposedly born in 1757 and died in Patterson, NY in 1826 – but since the Penn(e)y family came from that part of Harwich known as the South parish and possibly Chatham — John Penn(e)y’s father was John Penney (1720/1-1756) and his wife Elizabeth Delano (a Mayflower descendant through her mother Winslow).

    I found that John was baptised at the 1st church/Harwich (now Brewster) in 1747 – which is 10 years before the apparent birth date entered on the gravestone in the Sears Burying Ground in Dutchess/now Putnam Co NY. He is also given the sobriquet of “Capt.” – and he did indeed serce in the Revolutionary War in the 3rd Regiment/Dutchess Co Militia. (but I couldn’t find any indication of why he would have been a Capt – he was an enlisted man – a private). He lived at Southeast until 1803 and then to Patterson (may have been a division of the town then?

    I am interested in his sister Hannah Penn(e)y who was b. 1744 -at Harwich and presumably moved to Dutchess county with her family when they came in 1747 and if she survived may have married in Dutchess Co NY (whose records are almost non-existent at this early period – especially for women).

    Would like any reaction you might have

    John Dryfhout
    Sarasota, FL

    • Thanks John for the visit to my web site. You can perform a search on my site for any name and it will list the page/s if the name is in my records. Bill Crosby

  2. I found an old cemetery with Timothy Crosby jr. who died on the isle of wright. If interested please contact me. thanks Jean

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